Reasons why you should not go for cloud computing

Weekend is here and we have thought of starting it with a pinch of humor   We have been a great advocate of cloud computing benefits and value it provides to your business process.  Well, we still feel the same but here are some funny reasons why you should strictly avoid cloud computing solutions. You would have noticed several other posts on SaaS and cloud services but this is a completely different. People with no sense humor are suggested to quit right now and please do not move forward.

Reasons why you should not go for cloud computing:

  • You want to be a popular and kind manager. You are happy to give your employees long leaves and you feel it is brutal to ask to work (no matter how critical the project is) on holidays, weekends or whenever they are out of office.
  • Your clients are actually relatives and they won’t mind if you and your team wouldn’t  be able to reply them on time.
  • Your software and hardware vendor  is  awesome at dining and wining. You don’t want to miss those treats of course.
  • Cloud computing makes the savings you achieved on last procurement deal less effective.
  • Your wife is heading the hardware vendor team and you simply can’t say goodbye to them.
  • You love having long discussions with HR team and you enjoy taking IT interviews.
  • You love watching the servers, the mesh of wires, ah they look so gorgeous.
  • You feel super charged while paying electricity bills and talking about power consumption.
  • How would you spend your day? No testing-no installs- no maintenance, you will miss staring at those blinking multicolored lights.
  • You love drafting long reports with amazing charts and graphics to justify hardware and license purchases.
  • You love spending hours is discussing and solving the issues of your users- it helps in relationship building.
  • Your numerologist has warned you not to use any figure more than 15 when it comes to server utilization.
  • You are not interested in any kind of holidays and leaves, you work 7*24*365.
  • Your business needs are stable and they are going to be stable always, you know that.

Note: This is  just a funny illustration for convincing you the importance and benefits of moving to Cloud. Cloud computing services like Hosted Exchange 2010 , Virtual Private Server, SharePoint 2010 hosting definitely enable you to redefine the way you communicate and collaborate. 

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