Two Approaches to Cloud Computing: Revolutionary and Evolutionary

Hello Cloud Computing Friends!

According to a recent study conducted by Dell and Intel (click here), 60% of North American businesses are planning to increase their use of Cloud Computing in the course of 2013, for the simple reason that this solution allows them “to reduce the costs of infrastructure”.

For businesses who are seriously looking to migrate to Cloud Computing (which I strongly recommend, of course), two approaches may be adopted.

  • The revolutionary, which suggests rewriting applications to take advantage of the unique characteristics of the Cloud.
  • The Evolutionary, which suggests the use of existing applications, as well as integration of the latter in the Cloud in order to maximize effectiveness and reduce costs, along with a “fee” solution that corresponds to usage.

It’s obvious that an average sized organization (200 users) will lean toward an evolutionary approach enabling it to migrate gradually towards an infrastructure in Cloud, while recording tangible profits in terms of productivity and agility.

To better understand these two different approaches of Cloud Computing, I invite you to consult the following article… as well as the many Cloud solutions offered by our company, EGOCENTRIX.

Have a  great weekend everyone, and keep your head in the Cloud!


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