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Cloud security



 Nowadays, nearly everybody interacts with “the cloud” somehow, whether through banking or by storing music files online. Several users of cloud services, and particularly those of online cloud storage services, have concerns focused around the privacy and security of their information within the “cloud.” Yes, security. Cloud security is undergoing tremendous innovation resulting into strategic approach for choosing a cloud computing provider and hence improved adoption among small and medium-sized business.

Some of the additional common considerations expressed by these users include: worrying about losing possession of data; the competency for strangers to access that data; and being associated with illegitimate activity — such as the distribution of illegal content on file hosting services. Choose a cloud storage provider with strict and accurate security measures, though, and your data is safer than merely backing it abreast of a hard drive or with a backup service where your data might get lost.

It’s significant to seek a cloud storage provider that encrypts your data, preferably using encryption keys unique only to you, as well as makes sure your data is encrypted as it’s moving to and fro from the provider’s servers to your desktop and/or smart phone/tablet clients. Ensure that the cloud storage provider uses industry standard protocols, such as AES and SSL to confirm data is encrypted end-to-end, from the moment the data is created throughout its storage on the cloud servers.

In earlier times, on-site systems security needs to be frequently monitored and patches applied and tested completely – something not all businesses have the resources/skills for. Through a cloud computing model these patches are installed and tested centrally, by a greater, more specialists resource. End-users are then automatically updated with the new patches without the need to do anything.

The latest trend/progress with the cloud computing storage providers is to move to client-side encryption, whereby your data is encrypted using keys that solely exist on your devices, thereby guaranteeing no third party can access data without any authorization. If your cloud storage provider presently doesn’t have strong encryption capabilities in place, users may install a tool like TrueCrypt, which offers client-side encryption for any user data. Additionally, the data centers of cloud service providers are kept human proof i.e. no one can enter them except the licensed person in order to maintain security. Other security considerations in cloud computing include: access control/management (who can access your information, and who controls this access), and data separation, (ensuring your information is accounted for and apart from that of other service users).

EGOCENTRIX uses industry best practices, highly skilled and certified resources to implement cloud services like Hosted Exchange 2010, SharePoint 2010 hosting and VPS Hosting. Increasing use of mobile devices is a great advantage but at the same time it increases security risks. Egocentrix take cares of email as well as mobile security with measures such as built-in anti-virus, remote device wipe etc. EGOCENTRIX’s data centers are integrated into our policy on security. These facilities require photo IDs, signature matching, and hand-scan matching to gain access. In fact, only a select few of EGOCENTRIX’s employees are allowed entry to these facilities.



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