Advanced Email Security with Hosted Exchange

One of the top challenges for businesses is secure data storage and communications. Email security is must for secure business communications. How to provide consistent, quality and real-time communication medium to their employees, partners, and customers is a critical question and needs a professional solution..  Moreover, the mode for communication has been extended to multiple numbers of devices.  With this outburst of multiple interfaces, it is significant to defend sensitive corporate information and communication.  Hosted Exchange  advanced email security features offer integrated, controlled, and manageable ways to deliver high class messaging with all necessary security features.

Hosted Exchange 2010 is quite popular hosted business email solution. Usually it is the foremost step towards the cloud services adoption. Not a surprise, security remains the highest concern for corporations who are assessing hosted solutions like Exchange 2010 (or 2013). Adopting hosted messaging solutions like Exchange 2010 is a significant decision because email is the most vital part of business communications and often holds sensitive information or data. Business decision makers are often doubtful about believing off-premises exchange solutions because of security concerns.

Let’s talk about some facts now. With the adoption of Hosted Exchange (we are listing here most common features and practices but check with your hosted email provider too) you get:

1)   Efficacious antivirus and anti-spam software are installed with hosted exchange solution. With recurrent backups and advanced applications, disaster recovery is much more efficient in hosted environment.

2) You get all the privileges of Microsoft Exchange business class email with hosted exchange. You get automatic end to end encryption which ensures secure access of data internally and externally. With encrypted communication, there are in-built malware detecting engines and virus scanning systems with MS Exchange protecting your email at every level and step of transmission.

2)   Datacenters, where your data is kept are maintained with tight security. Sophisticated authentication processes and close observation guarantees that there is no unauthorized access. This is quite inconsistent of the on-premise infrastructure where servers are left to be managed by one or two administrators.

3)   Genuine Hosted Exchange service providers have recent certifications necessary to provide secure and reliable email solutions. They have solid experience of handling unwanted situations. They are conscious about intrusion prevention tactics and hence exchange 2010 makes best industry brains working for you 24 * 7. Hiring such professionals in-house when administering exchange server is not a part of your core business could be quite expensive and certainly not a strategic move.

4)  With Exchange 2010 your business emails is managed in physically sealed datacenters where even employees ought to face various authentication checks. No outside entries, no data sharing in any respect. Legal SLAs are signed to ensure regulatory compliance. On the other hand in-house server rooms are accessible easily and could be a fallacy to trust each and every employee blindly.

Undoubtedly, outsourcing business email and adopting Hosted Exchange solutions is a smart step for achieving efficacious messaging and communication with enterprise level security. Encryption, anti-spam and anti-virus technology make the hosted exchange an efficient and secure choice for business communications.



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