Best practices for deploying Cloud Solutions like Hosted Exchange

Untitled The number of software companies and other organizations turning towards the software-as- a-service (SaaS) delivery model is steadily increasing. This is partly due to the benefit derived by the users from accessing the most recent version of the applications, from anywhere, on any web-enabled device, valid licensing and better cost control. SaaS is enhanced and delivered by today’s advanced web services integration capabilities, greatly increased bandwidth and mature infrastructure.

Being a leading Toronto Hosted Exchange , Hosted SharePoint and Virtual Private Server  provider we know how much effort is needed to support cloud offerings. Cloud companies need to build requisite service delivery capabilities that requires a committed team delivering almost 100% up-time, service level agreements that meets end-user expectations, and 24×7 tech support that can handle application and systems management, hosting, networking and security infrastructures, disaster recovery capabilities, and other procedures.

With a clear understanding of the applications and the service to be deployed, operations team in cloud companies build a comprehensive infrastructure and its supporting components that include hardware systems, storage, data and network centre, connectivity, security, backup and restore, monitoring and management tools.

For a cloud provider,  best practices for delivering SaaS should include following points:

  • SLAs that meet end user’s expectations
  • Performance, availability and disaster recovery
  • Scalable  systems
  • 24 x 7 customer support
  • Network and bandwidth availabilities
  • Security and Monitoring management and reporting

Best practices for delivering cloud services like Hosted Exchange and Hosted SharePoint

Efficient Communication is the basic foundation for any successful business. Hosted exchange 2010 is an enterprise-class and exceptionally efficient alternative to Gmail or other casual email services . Hosted Exchange services are accessed via Internet, thus enabling access from any location and at any time.

How does this benefit the business owner? SaaS model of delivering hosted exchange application enables the employees to use the leading business tools at a very low cost. Additionally they don’t need to purchase hardware and bother about installing or upgrading the latest software. In a hosted environment, you can find all your data, email, archive, attachments, and so on stored in a central location and the hardware and network monitored  maintained and monitored round the clock to ensure that your data is always secure and accessible. Many cloud companies provide users with design, development and support services based around their hosted SharePoint services. Customers use an easy-to-access set of services to keep their hosted SharePoint services running smoothly and efficiently. Some of the Hosted services promise to work closely with customers building and supporting complex SharePoint solutions for their businesses.

Best practices for delivering these services is to maintain enterprise class infrastructure, application level and administrative support like installation and configuration, monitoring, and backup and restore. In addition, offering services with customization, to help businesses design solutions and above all 100 percent uptime and 24/7 support are plus points that go in favor of cloud services.

With cloud solutions like Hosted Exchange and Hosted SharePoint , service providers should always make detailed note about below things:

  • How the application will be executed?
  • How the application will be accessed?
  • Where will the accessing users be located?
  • Are there single or multiple users accessing the application?
  • Scalability of the application.

From a Cloud Consumer perspective, you can also check with your provider regarding above mentioned points.

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