What’s new in Hosted SharePoint 2013?


Are you thinking to upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint 2013? Definitely you would be interested to know about improved capabilities and features of SharePoint 2013. If Cloud Computing is a part of your IT strategy, SharePoint 2013 hosting is an important industry update for you.

Every new software/application release has some goals associated with it. Let’s start discussing the major goals, Microsoft wanted to achieve with SharePoint 2013. The most important targets were making SharePoint more capable and effective in terms of SOCIAL and MOBILE functionality. Cloud features related to the core technical functionality are of course improved in SharePoint 2013.

SharePoint 2013 focus on mobile and social features is a strategy to align with the changing business behaviour and operations. Businesses executives and employees are inclined toward social media and mobile devices. Business demands employees to be connected all the time, whether they are on-premises or on the move. They need to be connected to peers and clients as well. Along with communication, collaboration is also very crucial for successful implementation of tasks and business process. Based on these requirements, SharePoint 2013 is launched with great mobile features enabling businesses to share and collaborate with multiple devices – laptops, smart phones, tablets etc. SharePoint 2013 offers improved social experience too enabling businesses to utilize social networks and conversations improving sharing and interactions.

Apart from these major improvisations, SharePoint 2013 focuses on high level customization for the ease of customers. SharePoint 2013 clients can do most of the Search function configurations on their own. Search function is commonly used and hence in SharePoint 2013, you can configure your search result pages and segment them as per priorities. SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 both allow co-authoring. Co-authoring enables multiple employees to work on a single document at the same time.

Businesses deploying Hosted SharePoint 2013 would notice that it is more cloud friendly than the earlier version Hosted SharePoint 2010. With Hosted SharePoint 2013, you don’t have to depend on your service provider configurations for getting the all the features and advantages of cloud deployment. Most of the features are shifted to customer admin level enabling clients to benefit from all the cloud deployment advantages.

However there are few requirements you should know before deploying SharePoint 2013. Like earlier versions of SharePoint, SharePoint 2013 works best with Internet Explorer.  Firefox is second best choice. Though you can work on Chrome also with SharePoint 2013, but experience is not so good. So it is still better to use Internet Explorer with SharePoint 2013 for achieving optimum efficiency. Another thing you should know before deploying SharePoint 2013 is that some features require ActiveX controls. In order to get benefits of all features of SharePoint 2013, your version of Internet Explorer should support ActiveX controls.

Therefore before upgrading to SharePoint 2013, you need to ensure about the other tools and applications you are using. Other stuff like Operating System, browser, Exchange and Office should be compatible to SharePoint 2013. For deploying SharePoint 2013 you need Office 2007 or higher versions.

SharePoint 2013 is definitely full of great features as per the changing corporate cultures and web technologies. In order to get full of its virtues and advantages you need take care of supporting environment and factors mentioned above. You can always trust our expert team for easy migration to Hosted SharePoint 2013 and Hosted Exchange 2013.




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