Hosted Exchange 2010 deployment survey summary


Microsoft Exchange is a powerful email management platform for businesses. From small and medium sized businesses to large enterprises, Microsoft Exchange is best effective software for managing business communications. With a recent survey among small-medium businesses we tried to find out their views regarding Hosted Exchange 2010 deployment. Below is the quick summary of observations:

1)      For most of the businesses, email management is a critical and complex process. They informed about the several challenges with email management – security, availability and archiving. These are the critical tasks which need technical expertise.

2)      Businesses understand that Hosted Exchange 2010 provides greater flexibility. The mobile features are very attractive for business executives on the move as it provides freedom of accessing their mailboxes from multiple devices with complete security and compliance.

3)      Another thing we noticed in the survey is worry regarding migration. Businesses who already have Hosted Exchange 2010 and looking forward to migrate to Hosted Exchange 2013 and businesses who want to shift from in-house server to cloud based hosted exchange have one thing in common – Migration migraines.  There are doubts regarding transition because of sensitive data and management pressures are involved. We would suggest building a proper plan and timelines for the transition phase with suggestions from your cloud provider as it help in smooth migration and also eliminate the room for technical flaws. Exchange migration efforts need to be well planned by your provider.

4)      As per the survey, the most attractive feature of Hosted Exchange 2010 is improved availability and disaster recovery. Quite understandable. With cloud data centers, disaster recovery is quick and easy because prevention measures are always in action.

5)      Easier administration and no requirement of IT resources is the second most popular advantage of Hosted Exchange among SMBs. Of course resource cost and other expenditure is lowered. Costs are more predictable. Technical support is available with all cloud service providers. Many businesses revealed that archiving for the compliance reason is one of the daily operations which get easier and automated in the cloud environment. Scanning for malware and unauthorized access is also a redundant task for most of the companies which get automated with the help of cloud based tools.

The hindrances in the adoption of Hosted Exchange 2010 are:

1)      Risk of maintaining email continuity during migration process and

2)      Data security.

With the support of cloud service provider all these risks of migration could be mitigated. While working with our clients, our technical team proactively identifies potential migration issues and works accordingly. As far as security is concerned, exchange hosting is a business class email application where service provider is not using your data or running ads to earn revenue.  Exchange hosting is about providing completely secure enterprise class email solution for your business so that you can focus on your core services.



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