Cloud Computing impacts on IT workforce



Do you think cloud computing is a threat for IT department and technology resources? How IT professionals role would evolve with cloud computing? As more and more organizations are moving towards cloud, IT professionals seem to have lots of questions about their role and job security.

When we explore deeply, it becomes evident that with cloud computing, new technological areas like virtualization, datacenter management are also developing rapidly. So cloud computing has not decreased but in fact it has expanded the IT career choices. With Virtualization and SaaS, service management, monitoring, automation, security and compliance have become the important job tasks of IT professionals. With the growth of IaaS, datacenter management tasks like workloads, orchestration, configuration, workflow customization have become the task priorities. These emerging roles require IT specialists to improve and align their skills and knowledge as per the latest developments. There is of course no dearth of IT roles but there is need to learn skills related to datacenter operations, change management, network and server management.

Certainly IT industry is changing and IT professionals would be required to invest in certain skills important for working in cloud environment. The good thing is that IT professionals would no longer need to spend their time into routine tasks but they would need to move skills in critical processes like business liaison, security and compliance. Cloud computing is shifting the focus of IT professionals to process automation and decision making. There would be huge demand of certified security specialists and datacenter managers in coming years.  Other IT area which is hugely impacted by cloud computing is technical /software architecture. Software architects need to enhance their skills for developing complex distributed systems, software clouds, and multitenant virtualized systems capable of managing hundreds of simultaneous users.

Also with cloud computing IT team has the responsibility of training users effectively so that they can utilize full features of applications. Also managing multiple cloud services and handling network integration is also important tasks for IT professionals.

Hence if your company is talking about shifting to Hosted Exchnage 2010 or Hosted SharePoint , your profile would not become obsolete. In actual by implementing cloud services like hosted exchange, IT department would get much more time to contribute in organization technical advancement, resources planning, change and service management. IT role would become more strategic rather than being monotonous and routine.

Hence cloud computing is not a setback for IT professional careers, in fact if these changes are embraced well would open new doors of opportunities for cloud professionals. IT professionals would learn new skills and ways to benefit their organization. Cloud computing promises new career opportunity to IT professionals.





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